My friends left me alone in the library and this is foreign territory.

How do I act.

I can’t lock the door here

I can’t go out on the terrace when I need a break.

I can’t play music on the surround sound here.

Does the studio spoil me?

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#why do people use the library 

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Elvis Presley / Jacksonville, Florida, August 1956.

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Im struggling with time management these days.

I have a huge term paper due on Wednesday that I’m only half way done with but all I can think about is sleep. I really just want to put it off until tomorrow, but I have classes all day so I know ill be drained by tomorrow night too. Not doing it tonight will also give me the motivation to stay up all night tomorrow and knock it out.

Ugh I don’t know anymore. Just let me be done with this semester.

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Red, 2013Maria Coma
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